• Päivi Piippo

    Päivi Piippo

  • Vamsi Krishna

    Vamsi Krishna

    Always a Coder;

  • Roland Kovacs

    Roland Kovacs

    Dreamer, Speaker, Doer — Committed to inspire and empower others, addicted to never-ending learning. Oh! Btw I love to question everything and try crazy stuff.

  • Steve Peltonen

    Steve Peltonen

    Adventure seeker, music lover, event and content creator, mostly focusing on Co-Founder @ Framian

  • Kathleen Kurm

    Kathleen Kurm

  • Tasos Tsiamis

    Tasos Tsiamis

  • Lari Raitavuo

    Lari Raitavuo

  • Saara Rytsy

    Saara Rytsy

    Discovering exciting stories & sharing them. — I get relaxed doing yoga, feel inspired when in kitchen and enjoy growing plants.

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