a blog series dedicated to Cash people

Use network effect to predict your customer purchase and payment behavior.

Online sales make scaling easy, but at the same time, customers' purchase and payment behavior can be sporadic. More than anything else, this affects cash. The faster our business decides to grow, the worse the cash losses become.

Cash prediction starts from predicting Customer behavior.

Use network effect to predict Customer behavior

Our money is in our bank account and customers’ pockets. That’s why rule number one is to predict our customer’s (or buyer’s), payment behavior. …

blog series dedicated to cash people

At the end of the day, we’re not moving wheelbarrows of gold, we’re actually moving digits.

The Sun begins to melt the snow and the soil begins to smell. Our headquarter is now on Slack as we’ve been doing R&D remotely since October. We’ve had intensive days during the lockdowns, as it has increased the demand of digital, transaction-driven businesses like 3PL and logistics, e-commerce, and subscription B2B businesses who need an effortless 30–90 days cash forecast to run their businesses. And we take our mission very seriously.

Most of the riskrate services are…

blog series dedicated to Cash people

It’s a sunny Wednesday in early March on the south coast of Finland and we are enjoying a half meter of snow all over. We had a break off in Google Meets and had a chat with our awesome friends, Fedor Tyurin, CTO, and Joonas Tomperi, CEO both Founders of EnableBanking, an ISO/IEC 27001certified house of open banking APIs.

Combining bank data to riskrate’s machine learning models, our customers get an effortless 30–90 days cash forecast and risk scenarios about their futures cash. …

a blog series dedicated to cash people

Modern cash tools extract financial data from your tech stack.

The faster your business decides to grow, the harder the cash predictions become. Cash prediction can have a significant effect on your runway. Cash flow starts with invoicing and ends with a cash forecast. Modern cash forecasting tools extract data from your ERP, banking, and CRM software and use machine learning to predict your daily cash. The modern cash tech stack is scalable, saves time, and improves your cash position when your business scales up.

Choose an ERP that has open APIs

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, the central repository for financial data, is designed for accounting and it…

a blog series dedicated to Cash people

Growth affects Cash, especially in the saas and subscription business.

Everybody pays attention to the market leader. It becomes a powerful, self-reinforcing phenomenon, and the faster you can get there, the better.

More than anything else, this affects cash. The faster your business decides to grow, the worse the cash losses become. Predicting cash can have a significant effect on your external funding need.

Why cash forecasting is so difficult?

Outgoing cash, like salaries, taxes, AWS monthly billing, or Hubspot fees can be done on spreadsheets but it’s slow and sensitive for human errors. Invoices fall through the cracks.

Incoming cash, like Customer…

Valjas selected superior riskrate 30 days cash forecast for its Customers and expanded to cash services.

“Our clients are demanding and growing software companies like Jobilla and Readpeak, which have used data analytics and software in marketing, headhunting, recruitment, and engineering for a long time. It is a natural shift to data-driven cash forecasting.”

Pasi Tasanen is the CEO and Founder of Valjas, an accounting and cash office. Pasi’s team helps growth entrepreneurs with cash forecasting and number analysis. In the current economic crisis, Pasi’s work is now more critical than ever for many CEOs and companies. …

Valjas valitsi riskrate 30 päivän kassaennusteen asiakkailleen ja laajensi kassatoimistoksi.

“Asiakkaamme ovat vaativia ja kasvavia ohjelmistoyrityksiä kuten Jobilla ja Readpeak, kenelle data analytiikka ja digitaalisuus ovat olleet arkipäivää mainonnassa, rekrytoinnissa ja ohjelmistosuunnittelussa jo kauan. On selvää, että sama toimii myös kassaennusteessa.”

Pasi Tasanen on tili- ja kassatoimisto Valjaksen perustaja. Pasin tiimi auttaa toimitusjohtajaa kassan ennustamisessa ja numeroiden analysoinnissa. Maailmantalouden murroksen myötä Pasin työ on juuri nyt elintärkeämpää kuin koskaan monen yrityksen toimitusjohtajalle. Samanaikaisesti teknologia muuttaa Pasin ja Valjaksen tiimin palvelua voimakkaasti tulevina vuosina.

“Kun käyttöönotto vie 8 minuuttia ja kassaennuste saadaan jatkuvasti automaattisesti, Valjaksen talouden ammattilaiset pystyvät tehokkaasti tulkitsemaan numerot…

Kontor valitsi riskrate kassaennusteen asiakkailleen ja laajensi kassatoimistoksi, ensimmäisenä Suomessa.

Petri Tykkä ja Margus Udam ovat Kontorin perustajat.

“Asiakkaamme on esimerkiksi Groom parturiketju, jossa talouden 100% automaatio on tukenut kassaa ja liiketoimintaa

Tutustuimme Suomen Puuvenekeskuksella Kotkassa puuveneveistämöllä, Margus veneenveistäjänä ja projektipäällikkönä sekä Petri puuveneveistämön toimitusjohtajana. Veistämöllä toteutettiin mittavia klassisten puuveneiden entisöinti- ja rakennusprojekteja. Jo heti alussa meitä yhdisti intohimo tehdä asiat paremmin ja päätimme yhteisen yrityksen perustamisesta. Vaikka toimialasta ei vielä ollut tietoa, niin meillä molemmilla oli selvä visio siitä, kuinka yritystä tullaan pyörittämään Tony Hsiehin inspiroimana.

Miksi asiakkaat valitsevat Kontorin?

Kontor perustettiin asiakkaan talouden tarpeeseen, ilman perinteisen tilitoimiston painolastia. Olemme alusta alkaen toimineet 100% digitaalisesti ja olemme…

Kontor selected riskrate cash forecast for its Customers and expanded to 100% digital cash services

Petri Tykkä and Margus Udam are Founders of Kontor, 100% digital accounting and cash office from Finland

“One of our Customers is the awesome Groom barber chain, where 100% of finance automation has boosted both Cash and Business”

We met at the Finnish Wooden Boat Center in Kotka, Margus as a boat sculptor and project manager, and Petri as the managing director of the wooden boat sculpture. Right from the start, we were united by a passion to do things better and decided to set up a business together someday. …

a blog series dedicated to Cash people

The volatility of late payments has been increased after the summer. In most cases, the higher the volatility the riskier the security. Next month’s show if this is working on late payment data too. You can follow the realtime daily late payment statistics at riskrate

We selected random +700k paid invoices in Finland during the last 3 mths from riskrate’s realtime database and used a 1-day average. riskrate’s realtime payment data is dynamic, so it shows both positive and negative changes.

The volatility of late payments has been increased after the summer. In…

Päivi Kangasmäki

Founder of riskrate

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